DMX Claims “Eminem Don’t Want It” With Him

DMX Claims "Eminem Don't Want It" With Him

DMX Claims “Eminem Don’t Want It” With Him

DMX Claims “Eminem Don’t Want It” With Him: The Verzuz battle seems to be getting hotter by the moment. The Verzuz series launched by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland has seen music artists battle hits after hits and the battle just gets interesting everyday. Recently, a potential match-up between Eminem and DMX, with the former allegedly ready and willing to take up the challenge. American rapper and actor, Earl Simmons, popularly known as DMX didn’t seem entirely enthused with the prospect of going toe to toe with Slim Shady. In fact, he appears to have his sights set on another foe-his self-described “arch-nemesis” Jay-Z. The legendary rapper seemed confident about the impending battle as record has it that he has a lot of hits under his belt.

“What about Em? Em don’t want it,” laughs X. “Em don’t want it. I’d rather go for, you know, my arch-nemesis [Jay-Z]. He don’t gotta come outside, n***a, it’s in the house! You saying he don’t want to face me and play some records?” Swizz can be heard remarking that it’s a celebration, furthering X’s logic. “We celebrating music, and he got some hits too. He can play ‘Money Cash Hoes,’ I can play ‘Money Cash Hoes.’ Make it happen.”

The competitive spirit in Hip-Hop has been it’s driving force over the years and with the battle of hits and Mcees going toe to toe, it’s safe to say that the element of Hip-Hop is still alive despite the pandemic.

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