Bryson Tiller Drops Deluxe Version Of ‘TRAPSOUL’

Bryson Tiller Drops Deluxe Version Of ‘TRAPSOUL’

Bryson Tiller Drops Deluxe Version Of ‘TRAPSOUL’

Bryson Tiller Drops Deluxe Version Of ‘TRAPSOUL’: Bryson Tiller has been quietly working on music for a while now, popping up with new songs here and there but keeping his head down for the most part. In a recent interview he did with Billboard, he admitted that his last album True To Self, ironically, was his c-game. “A lot of people don’t know this, but before the album even came out, I didn’t want it out. I was in the studio and I was upset. People were like, ‘Hey, I heard your album is done. I can’t wait to hear it,’ and I was like, ‘Listen. Don’t even bother.” he told Carl Lamarre. A lot of fans were disappointed with that album, me included, so that is almost nice to hear.

He promises that new music is on the way but before that, he revisits T R A P S O U L. On October 5th, the album turns five and to commemorate it, he releases a special deluxe edition of it like many artists are doing with their releases these days.

On the new version are fan favorite songs of his that haven’t been on digital streaming platforms until now — ‘Just Another Interlude’, ‘Self Righteous’ and ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ with The Weeknd. Hear them in new, remastered quality below. Hopefully we will get a full new album before this terrible year is over.

Check out the tracklist below:

Tracklist – TRAPSOUL Deluxe:

1. Intro

2. Let ‘Em Know

3. Exchange

4. For However Long

5. Don’t

6. Open Interlude

7. Ten Nine Fourten

8. The Sequence

9. Rambo

10. 502 Come Up

11. Sorry Not Sorry

12. Been That Way

13. Overtime

14. Right My Wrongs


15. Just Another Interlude

16. Self Righteous

17. Rambo (Last Blood) ft. The Weeknd

18. Outro (Thank You)

Bryson Tiller has also released the music video for ‘Right My Wrongs’, featured on the original album from 2015.

Check it out below:

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